Built around an urban-contemporary Mexican interpretation, it is a place in the heart of the jungle destined to propel spiritual, social, and artistic living. The fresh, organic, and regional ingredients drive our simple vision, when focus is centered in regional Mexican roots, in its purity, the authenticity of its flavors and colors as well as the reinterpretation of iconic recipes of Mexico.


Universal Healing Connection

Reconnect with the universe through balance between Body, Mind, and Soul with this Mayan ancestral knowledge (Techniques). VESICA’s Universal Healing Connection begins with balance; the here and now.

  • Ancestral rituals used to integrally heal from our inside

  • Masages

  • Work-Shops

    • Cacao Ceremony

    • Mayan Ritual

    • Sound Healing

    • Visual Healing

    • Ayurvedic Cleansing

    • Astronomic Connection

  • Clases

    • Regular Yoga

    • HA’ Yoga

    • KAP

    • Functional Training

    • Meditation


A multifaceted group of artists, musician, singers, and DJs who perform on the ancestral stage of VESICA to explore musical variants to maintain the balance between our worlds.


Your wedding as no other

Such a beautiful and magical place, where nature is the protagonist to write a story full of love and dreams where the stars are faithful witnesses to the act of love.